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How does it work?


Register for an account

It's a matter of minutes to create a free Link2Ticket account. After verification, you will be able to start selling tickets the same day. With your account you gain access to your online dashboard, Scanner app and Monitor app.

You have complete control over which information is accessible to your event crew, in the dashboard and Apps. Manage ticket sales in co-operation with partners.

Proceed to the sign up page

Create your ticket shop

Set up your ticket shop on the dashboard within a few minutes. Enter the details about your event and the system will automatically create a secure ticket shop for you. With sales channels you can measure the effectiveness of social media or e-mail marketing with unique links.

The ticket shops can be fully configured in your own branding. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčtickets directly from your own website or mailing. This way you attract visitors to your own website or social media page.

More than 60% of ticket purchases are made on a mobile phone. Our ticket shops are therefore 'mobile-first'.



Promotion is one of your important elements of your event. You promote through different media channels. Link2Ticket supports you in enlarging your target audience with mailing tools and social media share buttons in all ticket shops. Automatically collect e-mail addresses from your visitors and use these in your mailing campaigns with our MailChimp connector.

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Guest list

Your friends, your crew, business partners, or the winners of your ticket draw. Invite them to your event, the easy way. With the guestlist tool, a name and e-mail address is all that's needed to have your guest receive a digital invitation with your branding. Your guests will have the option to download a regular ticket or show to their ticket on their smartphone (m-ticket).

Want to invite a large number of guests? With our upload tool, invitiations can be sent by simply uploading an Excel sheet with yout guest list.


Sell your tickets

Sell tickets for all types of events and attractions. One-off events, recurring weekly or monthly with date selection and/or slot selection. Reserved seating for theater events or create combination tickets. It can all be set up quickly with the easy-to-use dashboard.

Ticket types

Discount tickets, promo tickets, parking tickets, coins or lockers, all types of tickets are possible with Link2Ticket's flexible ticketing platform. You can easily create tickets with your branding, with your own artwork.

In addition PDF tickets Link2Ticket issues mobile tickets. These are easier to open on mobile phones and speed up access to your event.



Planning on selling tickets outside the EU? Give your visitors the option to pay in their local currency. Link2Ticket offers 50 different currencies for your ticket shops. Contact us for more information.

Payment methods

Make it easy on your visitors to buy tickets for your event. In addition to the usual payment methods like iDeal and Credit Card, offer your visitors PayPal, Bancontact, Belfius, KBC and Sofort banking.

For your business events, enable payment bij invoice with our e-invoicing system. This way, you can focus on your event, we make sure you get paid. Find a complete overview of our payment methods here.


The Event

During your event, you have a lot of things to worry about. A smooth running entrance is a must to make your event succesfull. Stay in the loop and track your visitor count. Sell coins or extra tickets through the Mobile Ticketbox with cashless payments.

Entrance control

Hosting an event for 50 or 50,000 visitors, your entrance will operate smoothly with Link2Ticket. Scan tickets with your own iPhone or Android device using our Scan App.


After your event

Your ticket shop collects a lot of information about your visitors. After your event, analysis of your visitor infomation will allow you to optimize your promotion, choice of venue or opening hours. Send out mailings and get feedback from your target visitors.